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After just getting back from Vegas I decided I needed to write a review of an incredibly fun activity called Dig This. Many times you read reviews of those that are guessing but I was there, drove an excavator and loved every minute of it. I went with a friend and with three others there we formed a group of five. Two of the group drove bulldozers and the the other three drove the excavators. You can choose which piece of equipment you would like to use or you can choose to use both.

Dig This was the most fun I have had in years, and that is coming from someone who visits Vegas regularly.”

How It Starts
There is no reason to be nervous. The staff is incredibly friendly. The instructors are extremely knowledgeable about the equipment as they have all been operators in the past. You begin inside the office with a video and instructions on how to operate the equipment. However do not worry about remembering exactly what to do as they will give you additional instructions when you are in the bulldozer or excavator.

Instructions on How to Operate
What they do is help you into the equipment and show you what each control does, then they move to the next person and explain the controls to them as well. But that is not where it stops, they also put a headset on you. You are able to hear the other operators of the same equipment and the instructor. If you are driving a bulldozer you will hear the other bulldozer operators as well as an instructor for the bulldozers. There is a separate instructor for the excavator. Once everyone is in the equipment the instructor will walk you through the controls. For example they may have each person move the same control at the same time to understand better how each one works. You can also talk to the instructor if you have questions.

Rest assured you will have plenty of instruction, as a matter of fact three times. The image above is a picture taken by me in my excavator looking at the excavator next to me. This is how you start as they are giving you instructions.

Where You Get to Dig
See the image to the left and you will be able to get an idea of how large the digging area is. Honestly this picture does not do it justice. The Dig area is huge and you have plenty of space to operate your chosen machinery. Notice you can see orange cones and green cones, each operator has an area just for themselves to dig and push dirt. What I like most about this picture is that there were five pieces of machinery being used at the same time. Each machine is spread so far apart that you can barely see another one of them in the distance.

Also you can see a tent where the instructor watches your movements and helps if he thinks you need instruction or if you ask for it. The instructor did a great job. Here is why, they do not jump into your cab and tell you what to do. What they do is tell you which control to use and the direction to push it in to do what you need to do. In other words they let you operate the machinery at all times. Now in the picture notice the tires piled up, that is one of the many activities you get to do, more below.

What Do You Do?
I am glad you asked. After your instruction you get to drive them around and partake in various activities. I drove the excavator so here is what I did. First you get to dig a huge hole any way you like. Remember the instructors will guide you if you need it but if not you can dig all you like. That is the most fun I have had in a long time. Next as you can see in the picture is a pile of tires. These tires are for big machinery and weigh 2,000 to 4,000 pounds, these are not car tires. As you approach them you realize how big, heavy, and powerful the tires are. Then you get to pick them up and drive them to the other side of the course. After you drive the tires to the other side you pile them up in the same formation. I cannot being to explain the feeling of picking up a 4,000 pound tire and carrying it to the other side of the course as it hangs right in front of your face. Exhilarating is one word.

A list of everything you do whether driving the bulldozer or excavator is here at the Dig This site.

Is it Safe?
You bet it is safe and it is comfortable. There is air conditioning in the cab of the equipment. The seat is incredibly comfortable also. In terms of comfort you are setup and could spend all day there. Now the safety issue. They have taken many precautions for you. First of all the machinery is not that fast so you will not be speeding off in the wrong direction, you may go the wrong way but you would get there faster crawling on your belly, but speed is not why you are there. The instructors are on the field with you the entire time watching what you do and letting you know what to do. In each machine there is a lever to bring it to a stop, a simple parking break that stops it.

But more importantly the instructors have a kill switch and with the flick of a button they can turn off your machine from a distance. That put me at ease knowing that if I did something wrong or the machine was out of control they could turn it off immediately.

Does it Really Leave a Permanent Smile?
It sure does leave a smile on your face. A huge one for me. And check out Trip Advisor where you can rate your experience as a 1 to 5 with 5 being the best. At the time I am writing this no one has rated them a 1, 2, or 3. They only received the highest ratings of a 4 and 5, and of those 96% gave them a 5. That is one of, if not the, highest rated activity on Trip Advisor. See all the reviews here on Trip Advisor and what others have to say.

Video of Dig This by a Local Television Station

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