Pawn Stars: The Story Of A Las Vegas Pawn Shop

How The Vegas Pawn Shop Made TV

Well, being located in Las Vegas certainly did not hurt. After all, the amount of interesting items people own out in Las Vegas is always rather high. The city itself has a lot of history to it, and so items of all kinds that are from there have a lot of history to them as well. This is not to say that items from other places and other countries don’t come in as well because they do, and in large quantities. That, along with the fact that the show itself is very interesting for everything from the personalities of the characters, to the way they handle their business.

How Did It All Start?

Well the pawn shop in question, Gold & Silver Pawn Shop, had been trying to get a reality show to center around the shop for some time since 2001 actually. It had already been featured on TV a few times before the show itself came about in July of 2009. The cast of the show is actually the owners and workers of the Pawn Shop.  Real customers walk through the door every day they shoot for the show. Obviously, the show could have succeeded in 2001 because that is when reality TV shows started getting a leg up, but no one thought then that one centered on a pawn shop would work. How wrong they were.

The Cast

The owners of the shop play a major part in the show, and after watching the Harrison family for just a few minutes, you can see why that is a good thing. They are just such characters themselves. Add Austin Russell or rather “Chumlee” to the mix, and you have a good cast. When their personalities clash it is just one big mix of humor and good entertainment for hours at a time. The Old Man Harrison to the brothers, you’ve got a show alone. One of the factors that makes the show even more interesting, is the unknown cast made up by completely unknown customers that walk through the door every day. Some leave happy, some leave angry, and some leave feeling in the middle.

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What Made Pawn Stars So Popular?

Honestly, we did not even have to ask this question, but some still wonder. The people that wonder are the same people who have never visited a pawn shop in their entire lives. Going to thrift shops, pawn shops and yard sales is something that a lot of people love to do. Why? Well to find interesting things! You never know what you might find at a pawn shop, which is completely unlike going to a large retailer. When you got to a regular store, you know what you’re going to see for the most part. Now if you combine the “What Is That” factor with the personalities in the cast, you have a very interesting show to watch.

There Is Always Drama

Whether it be someone wanting more money than the cast is willing to offer or seeing someone being hauled off the premises for not following the rules of the pawn shop, there is always something happening. Most of it is dramatic to an extent, but not to an extreme drama level. That is actually another thing that reels people into watching the show. It has just the right about of drama and entertainment. It is not over the top yet not boring either. Actually, it is far from boring, or dull. There are twelve seasons of the show, and some people will watch all of them over just a week’s period.

The Real Life Drama

There has been a bit of the news about Pawn Stars, and not all of it was positive. In 2012 a former part of the show overall sued the cast and their manager for failure to receive royalties and other payments he was supposed to get from the show. His role in the show had been slowly reduced over time until he was fired but the contracts did not expire because he was fired, so he actually had a case. More recently, Chumlee was arrested in 2016 for drug possession and other charges. This was a big downfall for the rising star as he was considered the breakout star of the show. An unknown that becomes very popular and well liked.

Twelve Seasons And Counting

None of that has affected the show itself terribly, though, as ratings have not really gone down that much since their highest in 2011. Some will say that the show is losing steam, but if it is, the show isn’t losing it very quickly. So if you like Pawn Stars, chances are that you are going to get a least another couple of seasons out of the deal. It is not hard to understand why either. The show has had plenty of celebrity cameos over the years. Even Bob Dylan made a cameo on the show.

Pawn Stars In Recap

For a reality TV series about a pawn shop, this one actually is pretty decent to watch on an otherwise boring afternoon. You certainly will not feel as if you just wasted thirty minutes to an hour of your time afterward. You are not the one visiting the pawn shop in person, so you have nothing to lose by watching it at least once. I would say it’s worth a try.

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