A Review Of Our Favorite 5 Las Vegas Magic Shows

If you are taking a trip to Vegas, then I suggest you check out some Las Vegas shows. The city is blessed with a lot of entertainment. It is where you can find some the hottest magic shows. A lot of these magic shows happen in Las Vegas hotels. From David Copperfield, Mac King, to Criss Angel, and Penn & Teller, I have compiled a review of some of the best magic shows in Las Vegas. See the reviews below.

Las Vegas Magic Show Reviews

1. Penn and Teller

penn tellerPenn and Teller offer a show that is both fun and baffling. It is definitely a must see show when visiting Las Vegas. Edgy and challenging, Penn and Teller have been able to make magic look cool, even for people who may not love the art of magic. The act is packed full with contrasts. Penn is really tall, and Teller appears short in comparison. Penn is bombastic and loud (he does the talking) while Teller remains silent. The show works due to the personalities of both Penn and Teller. It is mostly a number of different stand-alone mini-acts.


2. David Copperfield

david-copperfieldDavid Copperfield’s magic show offers one of the finest magic experiences. You will not want to miss this show when in Las Vegas. It is a show that offers all what magic can be (intimate close-up magic, and large-scale illusions, projected for all in attendance to see in definite moments).Beyond the illusions, what is most important is that the show thrives on the charisma of Copperfield. He consistently and successfully connects with his audience. What’s more, to say?


3. Criss Angel Believe

criss angelI keep asking myself whether there would be a production from Cirque du Soleil and Criss Angel that would fall below their reputations? There isn’t much to say here. I can confidently tell you that the Criss Angel Believe show hardly falls short in any way. Everything is fantastic from the visuals, the music, the illusions, to the sets and dancing.



4. Mac King Comedy Magic Show

mac kingLooks low key though but it’s immensely entertaining and funny. Here Mac King takes the persona of a warm country bumpkin who performs several amazing magic acts. Going for this show is an excellent way to spend your day in Vegas. While a number of Las Vegas magic shows depend on flashy lights, big scale props, pounding music, and dancers, this show is created on a character. Mac King’s show is just hilarious and entertaining.


5. Illusions By Jan Rouven

jan rouvenKnown as the Man With Nine Lives and straight from Germany Jan Rouven offers an illusion show worthy of Vegas. There is danger as well apart from baffling illusions. Rouven is an engaging and charismatic performer. Edge and excitement, glitz and glamour, with mystery and magic, is all what Illusions By Jan Router offers. It both an entertaining and terrific stage show. It has a contemporary edge and feel. The shows dancers are great, and the music is exciting.

I hope this was helpful to those who intend to Las Vegas.

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