Fountains Of Bellagio

The Fountains of Bellagio are a popular attraction for both Las Vegas residents and tourists alike. This vast water feature is choreographed in time with lights and music to provide the sort of unique experience that cannot be replicated elsewhere.

These daily performances take place at the Bellagio hotel and there are able to be seen from a number of different vantage points on the Las Vegas strip, as the fountains are visible from both neighborhood structures and the street.

During the afternoon and the earlier parts of the evening, these shows take place every hour. After 8 PM, the fountain shows begin occurring every fifteen minutes, remaining on this schedule until midnight. During the holidays, the same schedule is adhered to, depending on the time of day when the shows are taking place.

Viewers receive a heads up for each performance, as the nozzles that are used in the fountain break through the surface of the water and the lights that are responsible for illuminating the towers of the Bellagio hotel change to a purple hue or a red, white and blue coloration depending on the music that will be played.

While shows typically take place as scheduled, they may be canceled from time to time, due to the presence of high winds. However, there are also shows that are able to occur despite high winds, as they are run with the usage of less power. If there are planned events, the show may be edited for time constraints, as songs are removed as needed.

Fountain Show Songs
There are a wide range of songs used in these performances, including “Your Song”, “Luck Be a Lady”, “Time To Say Goodbye”, “Viva Las Vegas”, “My Heart Will Go On” and “God Bless The USA”. The fountains reside in an eight acre lake that is man made and while urban legend states that used grey water from the hotel that has been treated is used to fill it, it is serviced regularly by a freshwater well.

This freshwater well was drilled several years before the fountain site existed as a means of irrigating a golf course that once operated in the same space. Believe it or not, the golf course was responsible for less usage of water than the current Bellagio fountain show.

How Detailed is It?
In order for the show to as planned, the creators have incorporated a labyrinth piping network of 1,200 nozzles. This makes it possible for the highly coordinated staged displays to take place in a timely manner each day and the aforementioned nozzles are coordinated with 4,500 lights.

The fountains were constructed at an estimated cost of $40 million. WET, a popular design firm that specializes in the creation of inventive fountains and water architecture, created the fountains and they use four different nozzles to create the chosen effects.

16 Extreme Shooters are used to send the water to heights as high as 460 feet, while 192 Super Shooters can blast water to a height of 240 feet. 798 Shooters shoot water in an upward motion and 208 Oarsmen jets give the water a full range of motion.

These fountains exist to prove that choreographed routines are not merely limited to showgirl routines and staged performances. There is a reason why the fountains of Bellagio have become one of Las Vegas’ most commonly visited attractions and these shows are given completely free of charge.

Wow – 30 People are Involved
The complexity of these shows requires a large staff, as there are 30 employees who have been tasked with working seven days a week on various aspects of the performances. Cleaning, maintenance and emergency repairs are all handled by the aforementioned staff members who work 365 days a year to ensure that the fountains are in proper running order and not experiencing any sort of malfunction.

At any given moment during the show, at least 17,000 gallons are in the air. The area that the lake occupies is equivalent to roughly eight football fields or three city blocks. The water that is used to fill the lake would be sufficient for 2,000 swimming pools and if a garden hose were used to fill the lake, the process would take over a year.

The Bellagio is not content to rest on its own laurels, as they continue to add new and interesting innovations to their roster of shows. EDM superstar DJ Tiësto now performs regularly, joining the ranks of past superstars who have also performed at the fountains of Bellagio. He is among illustrious company, as the Beatles, Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra and Michael Jackson have all performed at the fountains.

Since the array of music that is chosen for these events ranges from genre to genre, visitors often feel as if they have access to their own iPod. For those who actually live and work in the city of Las Vegas, this section of the Las Vegas Boulevard is the premier place to get stuck in the flow of traffic for an extended period of time.

The fountains of the Bellagio provide a sumptuous visual feast for both visitors and locals alike and while it can be difficult to jockey for position, there are no shortage of shows to choose from or places on the Las Vegas strip from which it can be seen. The streams of water dance, spin and shimmy, much to the delight of viewers and they are timed with the cheers of the crowd. Thanks to the number of shows that take place each day, your biggest problem will be deciding how many to take in.

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