Horseshoe Hammond

If you ever find yourself around the Chicago area, and looking to experience some high stakes action, go ahead and pay a visit to the world-renowned Horseshoe Hammond.

Horseshoe Hammond is owned by Caesars Entertainment, as we all know, which is famous for providing quality entertainment to both local and foreign tourists in the US.

The casino itself is situated some 20 minutes from greater Chicago and is home to various gaming and entertainment venues, as well as bars and lounges, and fine dining restaurants.

The casino is a recipient of several awards in casino gaming and currently has more than 2,200 staffs and employees.

Horseshoe Hammond Accommodations

Horseshoe Hammond is a gaming and entertainment establishment. Unlike other hotels, it is first and foremost a casino.

For people who would like to extend their visit, Horseshoe Hammond is strategically located nearby popular hotels that provide accommodation services. The closest is Hyatt Regency McCormick Place, which is just 15 miles—or 15 minutes—from the casino. Very convenient. Hotel Monaco is another suitable place to stay the night, no more than 20 miles away from Horseshoe Hammond grounds.

Other notable hotels are Hotel Palomar, Residence Inn, Fairfield Inn, and Elysian.

Horseshoe Hammond Gaming

For Horseshoe Hammond, casino gaming is where it’s all at.

The main gaming area offers the standard and highly enjoyable poker, video poker, slots and various table games. Table games include:

  • Baccarat
  • Roulette
  • Blackjack
  • Craps (3-way craps, C&E, Hi-Lo and Boxcars)

Unique to Horseshoe Hammond is the “Beverage on demand” service, which allows patrons to order their favorite drinks without having to leave their tables or even raise their hands to call the attention of a nearby waiter. This is made possible through touch screen technology which is available in most, if not all, of the gaming machines in the premises.

Horseshoe Hammond Stay and Play Packages

Horseshoe Hammond, being a casino establishment, is no stranger to Stay and Play packages being offered by other hotel services. One such exciting offer than guests should definitely take a look at is the Total Experiences package.

The package is named as such since it caters to wide variety of occasions. Whether it’s a golf trip with just the guy buddies or to celebrate the special birthday of a special someone, Total Experiences is sure to satisfy with its full range of complimentary bonuses, not limited to:

  • VIP check-in
  • Exclusive lounge access
  • Fine dining
  • Sports
  • Spas
  • Entertainment and shopping
  • Personal Total Experiences specialist

Things To Do at Horseshoe Hammond

Other things to do while at Horseshoe Hammond, of course, include visiting the surrounding areas, each with their own equally entertaining pull for local and foreign tourists alike.

Notable examples are the Lost Marsh Golf Course, Hammond Marina, Wolf Lake, Whihala Beach, Willis Tower and Navy Pier.

You should definitely take the time to visit these local attractions during one of your breaks from casino gaming. Come, play and dine at Horseshoe Hammond – rest assured there is nothing quite like it.

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